When it comes to cosmetic procedures, sometimes the smallest changes can have the most significant effect. A good example of this is double eyelid surgery, which is the most popular form of cosmetic surgery in countries such as South Korea. The operation not only creates a more pronounced wrinkle on the upper eyelid, but can really improve the beauty of a person’s eyes.
In Caucasian populations, almost everyone has a double coat on the eyelid. This means that there is a very prominent crease on the upper part of the upper eye. However, about half of Asians have what is known as a single eyelid. This can make eye makeup difficult to apply as there is little definition between where the eyelid is located and the area below the eyebrow.
Many women also think their eyes will benefit from a clearer contour. This encourages some Asian women – and men – to consider undergoing plastic surgery, and so the procedure is also called “Asian double-fold surgery.”

When it comes to this type of surgical procedure, it happens more and more often. Simply put, the changes should be minimal-a good surgeon will maintain the natural shape of the eye and create a slight eyelid Wrinkle where it has never been before. To do this, a small amount of skin will need to be excised with a scalpel.
The muscle and surrounding skin are then discretly novelized to form a coat. If done correctly, the patient’s face should look more aesthetic, but not so different that friends, relatives and acquaintances can immediately determine what has changed.
The procedure requires a lot of skill, because the smallest error can be very detrimental to the outcome of the procedure. For example, if too much tension is created, it can lift the outer corner of the eye and change the appearance of the face very dramatically.
This can cause concern for the patient as they are more likely to have trouble adjusting to their new appearance. In the worst case, the results of the operation may not seem very natural.
For the most natural and long-term results, it is also important that the patient knows exactly what procedure he or she is performing. The only way to achieve effective and long-term results is the cosmetic surgery operation described above. However, some clinics will use strategically placed stitches to create a coat, rather than using appropriate surgical techniques. Patients are usually introduced to this procedure at cheaper costs, but the results are rarely good and the stitches are not permanent.
To ensure that the result of your double eyelid surgery is positive, you need to spend time carefully selecting the best surgeon. Since surgery is highly specialized, you should look for a surgeon with extensive experience in eyelid surgery. Because they do not understand the subtle differences between Asian and Caucasian traits, they should also be familiar with the study of Asian patients, as it may mean that the finished result compromises the ethnicity of the face.
To learn more about double surgery, you can book a free initial consultation with an oculofacial surgeon. They will be able to talk you through the procedure and discuss whether it is appropriate for you.

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