Delicious taste! There is no other way to describe these pancakes, because no one would ever come up with the idea that this golden-brown baked, wafer-thin delicacy is completely without flour…with a sensational 0.9 grams of KH per piece! ?


The really great thing about this recipe is that these pancakes aka pancakes actually taste 1:1 like the original with flour. And therefore with a hit-suspiciously low KH content of not even 1 gram per piece are hundreds of percent ketogenic.

Pancakes are egg dishes made from egg, milk and flour, which are baked in a pan. The only – but essential-difference to the classic omelet is the fact that the mass is bound with flour (or in our Keto Version with protein powder).

Now, the thickness of the pancakes could not be more different to the omelet. Because it will be really good pancakes if the Flades succeed as thin as possible! Wafer-thin “Palas”, in France also called crepes, are really a delight!?

I love these pancakes in all variations, because they are absolutely versatile for dishes. Filled with Ketoaceous jam, rolled in and slightly refined with powdered sweetness, they are a great (and quick) Dessert. The variant as ice cream pancake-the warm pancake filled with ice cream-is my All-time Favourite dessert, of which I definitely can not get enough…

Also with spicy filling – for example, coated with cream cheese or filled with ham and/or cheese and then rolled, they are a truly delicious Snack.

Imperial-delicious curd Palatschinken are anyway the culinary blast-the recipe you will find soon on my Blog.

And the pancakes are also excellent as a soup insert. We Ketarier have to – much to my Regret – to the delicious Soup garnishes such as semolina dumplings, liver dumplings, and the like without. All the more great is this Alternative: frying!

To do this, simply roll in a pancake, and cut finely with a knife. Ready is the perfect inlay for your soup! A special Highlight are the fritters in my world’s best chicken soup ?…

As you can see from my list of uses in sweet as well as spicy terms, the Palatschinken recipe is NEUTRAL. The dough is never sweetened (even if you use the pancakes for a sweet dish!)- because then he would not taste so delicious beweitem!

Only a tiny pinch of salt is added as a seasoning – you should not do without this. Believe me, it makes the icing on the cake. But really just a little pinch of salt, please…

Preparation time10minutes

The perfect pancake recipe for Crepes, stuffed pancakes, fritters and, and, and….
Ketogen, flour-free and sugar-free.
Recipe yields 10 pieces of 0.9 grams KH each.

4 Eggs (Size L)

60ml whipped cream

80g protein powder-neutral (I use sportness of DM)

200 to 250ml water

Pinch Of Salt

approx. 30g butter lard for baking the pancakes

Whisk, if necessary, hand blender, nonstick pan, spatula, baking brush with plastic bristles


Mix the eggs well with the whipped cream with a whisk.
Add protein powder, pinch of salt and water (start with 200ml and increase if necessary) and mix well.
When small clumps have formed, it is best to put a hand blender on these annoying things and mix the whole thing with full throttle a few times ;-).
Now a homogeneous, slightly viscous dough should have been created. If it is too viscous, add some more water.
Let the pancake batter rest for about 10 minutes.
Let a coated pan get very hot.
As soon as the pan is very hot, add a small amount of butter lard (about hazelnut size) and spread with the baking brush in the pan.
Now lift the pan, empty some dough in the middle of the pan with the other Hand and turn the pan quickly so that the dough in the pan spreads as evenly as possible. If necessary, add some more dough and continue to turn until the entire bottom of the pan is thinly covered with dough.
Put the pan back on the stove, reduce the heat a little bit (for me this is Level 8 of 9).
Now the dough becomes increasingly lighter as the underside bakes. But wait at least 1 to 1 1/2 minutes before carefully trying to guide the spatula under the pancake. If the pancake is not yet sufficiently baked, it will tear apart (if you prepare fritters from it, however, it does not matter ; -)).
The perfect time is everything here. I always do it this way: when I think, but now it is high time to turn, I still wait 10 seconds and then the Timing for turning is perfect.
Turn the pancake over quickly with the pan Turner and bake for about 1 Minute.
Do the same with the remaining dough.
Let the finished pancakes cool on a plate.

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